Is this site safe?

Our website is 100% secure when making a payment, as we use the nationally recognized payment gateway Mercado Pago. Any type of banking or credit card information is secured by Mercado Pago's encrypted technology, which keeps the customer's banking information completely confidential, so you can make your payment with peace of mind. Mercado Pago uses several security and privacy protocols. Therefore, the seller (in this case, we, at Lojas Tem Tudo Brasil) does not have access to any of your personal information, nor permission to share data with third parties.

What is the deadline?

Considering that our products are imported and come to you directly from our manufacturers outside of Brazil, our deadline for you to receive the product varies from 15 to 40 business days, counting from the date of posting.

When and how will I receive my tracking code?

The tracking code will be automatically sent to your email within 7 business days after your product is shipped. If you have not received your tracking code by the deadline, send an email to customer We remind you that it is essential that you provide your order number in the mentioned email. Without the number, it will not be possible to respond to your request.

How do I track my delivery?

You can search for your package by entering the tracking code received on the website:

Will I be able to exchange or return my product?

Our biggest commitment is to your complete satisfaction. If you chose your product in our online store, but upon receiving it, found that there was a manufacturing defect, or even were dissatisfied with the product purchased, we guarantee your right to exchange or return as provided for in the Code of Defense of Consumer

The first step in exchanging or returning is by sending an email to our Customer Service Center at: Our team will instruct you on how to proceed with the exchange or return of the product. As soon as we receive the package, we will analyze it to confirm that everything is in accordance with the item's return conditions. After confirmation, our service team will contact you so that the customer can make the desired choice: 1. Exchange for any product that is available in our stock; 2. Receive full compensation for the amount spent on the product(s).

Will I have to pay the postal shipping fee?

VITOCLEI STORE Stores are responsible for the postal shipping fee, required by the Post Office, for all deliveries. *Postal dispatch should not be confused with tax or freight. "Postal Dispatch is an import support service paid by importers for the administrative support that the Post Office provides to the customs treatment activities of imported international parcels. The service refers to the customs treatment support activities carried out by the postal operator, such as receiving of the objects and inspection by Federal Revenue (when there is taxation), provision of information to the importer for clearance of the shipment via the internet, among others".